Randall Bruder and Chris Thomas bring a unique and robust set of experiences and knowledge to story driven video production.

Randall is a graphic designer and web developer by trade and has a passion for clean and powerful motion graphics and design esthetics in video production. He has a great eye for framing creative shots and phenomenal editing sense in combing music, graphics and live video into meaningful experiences for viewers.

Chris has 20+ years of event videography under his belt as well as a penchant for organizing scripts, shoots, and processes to serve the story telling process well. Chris loves story and how it can move people to make decisions in their lives as storied people. Chris has worked in non-profits equipping volunteer leadership for over two decades and has people skills that help to direct and guide the video production process at an event or on set.

Together, Bruder Thomas Studio is most passionate about telling human stories that inspire and move people to action. Whether your project is a simple video attempting to establish your brand and product line, or whether you are looking to capture a moment in time for future generations, we would love to work with you to accomplish your goals and tell the stories meaningful to you. With a strong network of other creative people, we can do small projects requiring the just the two of us or large projects with full cast and crew. We will work with you to establish your story telling voice and craft a final product you can be proud to show the world.

Some questions people ask us:

What kind of clients and projects are Bruder Thomas Studio willing to take on?

We are a story driven video production studio. We want to help you tell your story to your audience. We have networks with other creative individuals and organizations that allow us to scale when necessary for larger projects. The best way to find out if we will be a fit for your needs is to inquire so we can set up an initial meeting.

How do I hire Bruder Thomas Studio?

Please send us an inquiry using our contact form on this page. Describe your project and timeline. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to set up an initial meeting to explore working together for your project.

What does it cost to have Bruder Thomas Studio work on my project?

We have no set prices for a project but will work with you to identify your needs and budget so that we can work within those parameters. Our freelance non project based hourly pricing for various services can be supplied upon request.

Can I see more of your work?

Yes! Bruder Thomas is a new company but both Randall Bruder and Chris Thomas have many examples of what we are capable of. We would prefer to set up a meeting and talk about your project so that we can provide examples of our previous work which highlight why our experience can meet your project’s needs.

Are you hiring?

We would love to but unfortunately don’t currently have a need for additional employees. If you are a creative person with experience in video production, please send us your resume and demo reel. We would love to bring you on for projects where your skills can shine through as a contractor.